Contributions for retirement

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I’ve heard that there is discussion taking place about changing the funding for the state employees pension plan. I have heard that the employee will be required to contribute a % of his/her salary to the retirement fund instead of the current method which is funded by the State. This sounds similar to the change implemented by the University of Missouri system. Is this being considered?
As a result of the economic downturn there are a number of rumors circulating about the future of our retirement plan. While the University of Missouri has modified their plan to now include employee contributions there has been no official discussion that we are aware of to do the same thing for MOSERS. Such a change would require a modification to the law. The next legislative session begins in January 2010. Bills for that session may be filed as early as December. As usual, MOSERS will monitor all relevant legislation and inform members accordingly should a bill pass or appear to be moving through the legislature. Print Friendly and PDF

Questions on medical benefits

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Over the last few weeks the number of inquiries submitted to Rumor Central concerning medical benefits has increased. Keep in mind that MOSERS does not administer medical benefits subsequently those issues should be directed to the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan. They can be reached at (800) 487-0771 or through their website at Print Friendly and PDF