Three Questions Regarding Legislator Retirement

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In regard to members of the Missouri Legislature, is their retirement through MOSERS?
If so, is their retirement based on only their salary OR salary plus per Diem?
Legislator retirement benefits vary by plan. Per Diem amounts are NOT included in retirement benefit calculations.
·         MSEP: Number of biennial assemblies x $150
·         MSEP2000: (Active legislator’s pay ÷ 24) x service (capped at 100% of pay)
·         MSEP2011: (Active legislator’s pay ÷ 24) x service (capped at 100% of pay)

Additionally, is their rate of becoming vested and pay for retirement the same as other regular state employees?
Legislator vesting requirements are the same for all plans: 3 full biennial assemblies (6 years). This is different than regular employee vesting requirements for the three plans (5 years for MSEP and MSEP2000; 10 years for MSEP2011).  The differential between the plans is again due to the fact that lawmakers do not have the option of continuing in state service beyond 16 years due to reelection and term limits.
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