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The 2005 legislative session came to an end on Friday, May 13 at 6 pm.

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While several bills were pending at the day’s close, only one passed that will, if signed, have an effect on certain MOSERS members. Neither SB 466 nor HB 334 passed, ruling out any possible retirement incentive or medical subsidy for MOSERS members this year. SB 375, relating to additional credited service for certain MSEP 2000 members’ military service also did not pass.
HB 119 did pass, allowing members on active duty military leave to retain their life insurance for a period longer than 12 months.
Thank you for taking an interest in MOSERS’ Rumor Central, allowing us to provide you with accurate information regarding legislative proposals and other retirement related issues, thus minimizing the amount of misinformation that would otherwise be circulating.
With the close of the legislative session, it is expected that the volume of questions submitted to Rumor Central will drop off. However, Rumor Central will remain a fixture on MOSERS’ website. The link will be moved from the feature section to our blue navigation bar on the left side of our homepage. While we are always happy to respond to any question you may have, for purposes of Rumor Central we are particularly interested in questions that begin with “I heard” and conclude with “Is that true?”. If you have specific questions regarding your individual benefits, please contact a Benefit Counselor at (573) 632-6100 or (800) 827-1063. It has been our pleasure keeping you as well informed as possible during this busy legislative session! Print Friendly and PDF