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Petition to Combine State Retirement Systems?

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There is a petition going around to sign in reference to state retirement. The petition is asking the voters of the state of Missouri to vote on combining all state retirements into one. I understand our elected officals are trying to change this without voter approval. My wife is drawing state retirement and is retiring from the school district PSRS for teachers. My wife is not a teacher she is a Para Professional and her retirement is under PEERS. Can she draw two state retirements if this is passed? Or what happens to one of her retirements. I will be retiring from the state in 2014 will this affect my retirement?
We are not aware of a petition to combine all state retirement systems. We monitor retirement related information very thoroughly, and the only petition we are aware of is one from a teachers organization that opposes some retirement bills that have been filed. However, none of those bills are about a petition of the voters to combine all retirement systems. We encourage you to monitor legislation as it is introduced and moves through the legislative process by visiting the Missouri House of Representatives and Missouri Senate websites. Initiative petitions can be monitored on the Secretary of State’s website.

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