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Retirement Related News for 10/30/2015

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From The Center For Retirement Research: Fewer Boomers Get Social Security at 62

The best way for most individuals to increase their retirement income is by delaying Social Security – each year they wait significantly boosts their monthly benefit check.

It seems that baby boomers are getting the message. The share of people who claim their Social Security benefits at age 62 – as soon as they’re eligible – is falling, and falling more rapidly than previously thought.

From NBC News: 98-Year-old Man is Indiana's Oldest State Employee

Even at 98-years-old, the oldest Indiana state employee is still going strong. WTHR's Kevin Rader reports. Alternate YouTube Link

From BenefitsPRO: Seniors not doing enough to maintain cognitive health

Good news: Nearly everybody agrees that brains are important.

A recent survey by AARP finds that 98 percent of those over 40 believe that maintaining or improving brain health is somewhat or very important. The other 2 percent presumably believe that healthy brains are for nerds.

From The Missouri Valley Times: Retirement days ahead to bring Bingo and cards games

For many, retirement age usually comes along when people are in their mid- to late-sixties. However, many people do continue to work in some capacity – either in a different field or part-time way.

Marge Stirtz of Missouri Valley has worked a little beyond that norm – working for 65 years and into her early 80's as a legal secretary in the community. She will be retiring in late October from Missouri Valley’s Kellogg Law Firm. A few months following her retirement, Marge will celebrate her 83rd birthday – on Feb. 6, 2016.

She began her legal secretary career right after graduating from the Magnolia High School in May of 1950.

“I started out working for Kenneth Acrea,” said Stirtz, “and then I worked for John Kellogg’s dad, and then for John Kellogg for about the following 25 years. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!”

From Ozarks First: Phil Collins announces end of retirement

Phil Collins wants you to take a look at him now. He's back from retirement.

"The horse is out of the stable and I'm raring to go," Collins told Rolling Stone in an interview published online Wednesday.
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